Текст песни Sundressed - Your Frequency

Оригинальный текст песни Your Frequency

It’s harder when you’re an adult
Just to keep your stomach full
It can start to feel like a chore
No matter the severity
You’re still trying to live the dream
Even though your back is so sore
So go and get a second job
Work until your arms fall off
Dying but you don’t know what for
Feel the need to pump the breaks
Don’t know why your elbow shakes
You wonder why your health is so poor

You wanted to meet up with me
But I keep saying I’m busy

I want to match your frequency
Let it all roll off of me
Tell them all fuck off for me
I’m sick of being so busy
in the inbetween you were always there for me
go on and say a prayer for me
I’m sick of being so busy

I just wanna call it quits
But I’ll just get over it
Really gotta keep myself in check
Because sometimes my blood starts to boil like overheated motor oil
I’m the only one who’s sticking out my neck.

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Sundressed - Home Remedy

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