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Оригинальный текст песни Dead End

This place I’m in is all a lie
Your world is a dead end
Don’t even try to rule my life
Or call yourself my friend
You hold me back, as if a slave
While I simply pretend
My best interest and your ill intent
Will never make amends

Disregard the time I gave to your cause
I forsake my dreams and hear the applause

Why do you thrive on suffering
Is this all you adore
If I survive this illusion
You’re game will be no more
For it is told, that with my life
A meaning shall be filled
I will bear out some destiny
Even if I am killed
Even if I am killed

I will break out

But was it all for nothing, all this senseless misery
Does it stand for something in this dishonest imagery
Can I be forgiven for ever trusting all your lies
And will they ever listen to someone from the other side
Of this dead end

Disregard the time I once gave to your cause
I restored my life and I heard the applause

Альбом Dead End

Taking Alpha - Dead End

Дата релиза: 13.08.2019

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