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Every time the sun goes down,
My mind gets dark
I could liken me to a shark,
Stay where you are

Every second that I wanna buy,
I threw away
I just can’t erase all my scars,
I need to deal with them

It’s a daily fight with my brain,
There's nothing you can do to save me
I have no face, I have no heart
I don’t remember my name

I feel like I have been replaced,
You are in my place
You are the only killer tonight
You shouldn’t have crossed this line

I found an underground exit,
Please do not spread it
That's the only way to disappear (from here)
That's all I need
I feel so weak, the smallest in this world

And you tread on me
You decrease me
You say so many bad things
Then you come behind me
To say to forget all this
And you guarantee that all of this shit is
Meant to be
Stop saying that
I’m one hundred years old
I shouldn’t be here anymore

You shouldn't have crossed this line
You shouldn't have crossed this line

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Thalles - Utopia

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