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Оригинальный текст песни Crack The Sky

Another dirty morning
In the city
Trying To keep my distance from the rats
Zombie stare this place it has no pity
Walk the street but just keep off the cracks

Watching you
Like a Silicon messiah
Every move
Lookin through the wire

Science fiction turned to fact
Gonna Take the future back
Crack the sky
Blinding the electric eye
That infiltrates our lives
Crack the sky

While you treat your camera like a mirror
Realize the
Screen looks back at you
Every place you go is just a theater
To play out all your drama
Like you do

Blocking you
Like a silicon messiah
Stalking you
Spying through the wire

This new normal takes a toll
Leads us down a rabbit hole
Constant watcher
Conscience father
We the pawns for their control

Альбом Phase2

The End Machine - Phase2

Дата релиза: 09.04.2021

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