Текст песни The Green Leaves - Resentment

Оригинальный текст песни Resentment

Behold, the creator of prisoners
The cause of production of slaves

There is no hope for change.
No light at the end of the tunnel
Just a never ending journey down a nonsensical path.

A path that ends in death.

Your network of little birds will fall as they're torn from the clouds
A blemish erased from the canvas that is the sky

And then this vile creature from the Earth.
Out of all the goodness, purity and love
A stain on the cleanest of cloths.

You dragged my name through dirt
Razor blades
And salt trails
I have no idea why I keep trying, it never fucking fails to come back on me

I've been searching for diamonds in a world of shit
And I just can't quite get over it

Trekking down the well-worn path
A familiar script written with blood
And sludged down by filth from the sewers

Pathetic, feeble birds
Mindlessly repeating all the words you've heard.
Don't believe everything you hear

Your network of birds dismembered at the beak.
This was never what life was supposed to be
Rotting the family tree

Stay away, get the fuck back
You never gave a shit about me or my path
Keep reaching for my throat,
You will never choke me.

You see, you've filled my heart with this hate, and it will remain until the day you lay in your grave.

Now lay in your grave.