Текст песни The Greying - Reckless Abandon

Оригинальный текст песни Reckless Abandon

I’ve had my fill. You’ve turned our fear into fashion,
You turned belief into a misguided passion,
And with your outstretched hands to pray,
You start to burn them in effigy,
We’re the enemy!

Opinion or oppression? I think Its time that you make your confession,
And every moment of complacency is a moment of malevolence
And so you scapegoat any and all who oppose,
We are the devils but the venom within you shows,
And every step that you force us to take brings us farther from where we began.

The devils will get their due

Incompetence and ignorance,
There’s no mistaking that you’re taking the path of resistance
And all we ask is that you hear the words of the ones that you hate, the soulless with reckless abandon

The soulless with reckless abandon

And you just look away
Ignoring the mistakes you’ve made
And you look onward
And stand on the side of depravity

The time for words is almost over, who would’ve known this was how it would end, the lost and complacent will find that this world is a place where the false idols fall

And I hope that you’re uncomfortable

We are the frail, we are the branded
The reckless abandon

Bring forth the Dissidence
wake up and see yourself for what you’ve become
Bring forth the dissidence
You are the catalyst for changes to come