Текст песни The Hawkins - Roomer

Оригинальный текст песни Roomer

I don’t like walking anymore
It gets me closer to the people that I don’t know
And they don’t want me anymore
‘Cause all we do is party, party on cortisol
I have a stash behind my temporal bone
But every time I try to share it with people they produce it on their own
So, buddy, I’ll better be staying at home
I don’t like walking anymore

I don’t like talking anymore
Every word I drop just flattens every toe
And I can’t stand how they look at me, no;
The fear and the hate is so ferociously overthrown
So I will be back against the wall
With a chameleon jacket and a bucket of ethanol

It’s just the way that it has turned out to be
That the brain is burning the “me”
I’ll keep my word from you till I am alone
I don’t like talking anymore, no

I don’t like being Jay C
When all you people look at me
Like I’ve got a fucking idea
Of how to solve your misery, well I tell you one thing:
Although I ain’t no Queen
Bee/B/”Be yourself” is the best advice from the “The Hawkins Ministry”
And I, I know that it’s simple and clean
But that is all, all that I am ready to be

It’s just the way that I am letting it go
Building bridges over every rabbit hole
It is my solitary mind
(ah-ah-ah-ah) staying alive when facing adversity
I’m fighting fire with fire but
I just don’t wanna be me