Текст песни The Parallax - Valor

Оригинальный текст песни Valor

Give up, give into
To the weaknesses
That keep on taunting you
You ask if I could predict the outcome of this
I'd say you’d lose

Six lives and then you're doomed
I won't burn to your smoldering wings
I can't believe you're real

Please come with me
I need to prove that you exist
Or they will make a mockery of me
All lies
I won't give up, give in
Accept the fact that you're not leaving
So come with me

Burning light and ember flight
The wings that hold you
Darkest sky and spinning fire
The flames won't hurt you

Don't ever trust me
I'll stab your back
My hands can't seem to catch you

I am under attack
Weakened, now I can't
Seem to catch you

Fight with valor
Here on the Victory Road
At the end of the Earth
I will find you

We can’t, no I can’t, seem to catch you