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I lie awake to still my mind from dreaming,
to be haunted by your face with closing eyes.
There's nothing to be said to stop you leaving but a part of me knows this is not goodbye.

Counting down the days a future I can't see, just a photograph to be holding on belief.
The fire grows in me, I'm burning through the rain and with that fire I have left I’ll face the pain.

I take in this moment that we share inside,
The weight taking over when you say goodbye.
A chip on my shoulder in this ending night,
Will there be much left? Can there be much left when you get home.

To wish away the pain is never living, when you dream your life away just waiting for the day.
The emptiness inside is never ending, every sacrifice you make... just before we start to break.

Fire grows in me I'm burning through the rain. So I'll count another day until I see your face again.

So don't you think that you're alone, the ties that bind will guide you home.
When the days grow long, keep holding on, the ties that bind will guide you.... back home.

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The Raven Age - Exile

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