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The heroes of my youth are still playing on the stereo
I’m still listening to their stories, I’m still going to their shows
Time has left its scars on me, I’m not the same I was back then
But the records that I got those days, they still spin

Do you remember how we took the bus to the next bigger town?
Headed to this fucked-up club, where they played our sound
Electricity was in the air, when the band kicked in
And 50 teenage punx went crazy, until the cops came in

Turn up the radio, this is one of those days
Celebrate the moment, forget about the pain
We‘re invincible tonight, look out, here we go
As an offbeat-track is coming through the radio

I never needed much to have a damn good time
A bunch of mates, a punkrock show, a cheap bottle of wine
After 30 minutes in the pit, I knew where I belonged
Here I am, here I stand, I’m still singing along

It‘s true, we live in troubled times, yea I’m aware of that
This world is going up in flames, we gotta face the facts
But there ain’t no place for facist thoughts, this culture is ours
So let’s show ´em what we got, bring on the rude boy sound

Альбом Troubled Times

The Roadblocks - Troubled Times

Дата релиза: 30.04.2020

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