Текст песни The Silenced - Death On The Rise

Оригинальный текст песни Death On The Rise

Сapitalist pig
Who can't smell his own shit
Atrocity disguised as charity
Exploitation as a virtue

A thin rational for (irrational)
Dcisions made to kill us all (kill us all)
Obedient simpletons sent out to die (die!)
Airwaves awash in lies

Death on the rise
An exclamation of disgust is what i feel
Can we heal?
Are we free to feel?
Admit to ourselves what deep down we already know - no!

Insidious attribute
The only route left to us is revolt
Your kind makes me fucking sick!
Psychology of the capitalist

Diminished in its integrity (hypocrisy)
Callousness disguised as philanthropy (no)
Psychology of the capitalist (shit)
Après moi le déluge.
After me come the floods

Death on the rise
Death is on the rise
Death is on the..

We're on the edge
We're on the edge of catastrophe x2

Oceans of information
Yet barely a drop of wisdom x8

Irrespective of the means
Regardless of the price
Death is on the rise

Death is on the rise x 4