Текст песни The Willow - Nightmare Fuel

Оригинальный текст песни Nightmare Fuel

I woke up again, was it real this time?
Am I even alive?
Something here isn't right, I feel it in my crooked spine.

There will never be silence, my morphing body aching,
It keeps me awake for the violence.
A lesson learned in time, reality often comes in blurred lines.

Something here isn't right.
Pinch me til I'm bleeding, I don't think I'm dreaming.
I think I'm gonna die.

I can hear the rats in my ceiling, they must be feeding.
Oh, how I wish it was me that they were eating.

I cried out for almighty God, I don't think he heard me.
It's like the motherfucker knows and he just isn't listening,
They told me to pray and all my demons would flutter away.
Maybe I just need to step outside,
Fold my hands in hopes that it works this time.

Dona nobis pacem.
Dimitte me.
In nomine Patris, amen.

I think he heard me.
Just don't turn around and he won't know you're crying.
I think he's gonna hurt me.
I've no fear of dying but this waiting game is so terrifying.

I fold my hands in hopes that it works this time.
Grant us peace, release me.
I fucking pray.
(Oh my God.)

Turn the lights out.
Don't speak.
Don't breathe.
I hear him coming, there's no use in running.
I think I'm gonna fucking die.