Текст песни The Wise Man's Fear - What Went Wrong

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What went wrong
Tell me before you’re gone

I am a lost man stuck in my dreams
I’m not together as I may seem
And now my heart has turned to stone

Surrender my all
To the cold grip of time
Now I’ve drifted too long
This life is no longer mine

Let go and just fade away
Releasing deathgrips to yesterday

What went wrong
I’ve come so far and now you’re gone
Did you believe in me
Or just the feeling
Of holding something close to me

I admit that I’m sinking away
All that my shadow touches turns to grey
There’s no such thing as being safe from yourself

Like anchor-tied feet
I’m one with the sea
Silent, sinking
Left to thinking
Oh did I give up hope
Did I find a part of me that’s made its home obscurity
No, I can’t let go
Of empty thoughts that will betray
When will I find my way

We all just wanna fill this hole
Find comfort in the broken things
We use when we’re lost inside of our souls
And we feel like nothing at all

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The Wise Man's Fear - Valley Of Kings

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