Текст песни The Worst Case Scenario - Throne Of Decay

Оригинальный текст песни Throne Of Decay

You’re in my hell.

Now, you’ll see
that this is a fake dream,
used to lure the broken souls
of this god forsaken land.

Spending their lives
under a false reality
filled with ignorance,
and greed!

When will you pay for this shit?!

When will the world see you
for what you truly are?
Keep feeding their gluttony,
and eat from the scraps,
escaping poverty to
render a slave.

Vultures feasting upon the children of the families who have abandoned their homes.

A wolf in sheep’s wool told me a tall tale,
claiming I’d get my deepest desires.

When will the world see you
through my eyes?
I keep feeding their gluttony
as I eat the scraps.

Land of the enslaved,
home of the weak.
History repeats itself
over and over again.

Now you’ve seen
first hand this fake reality,
Your poor broken will
has fallen into their traps.

Foolish humans!

Your ignorance will be
the cause of your gruesome death.

Альбом Drowning In Insanity

The Worst Case Scenario - Drowning In Insanity

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