Текст песни The Young Hearts - The Modern State

Оригинальный текст песни The Modern State

It looks like we made it,
it’s not how I thought it would be.
You see that early thirty something kind of wild
seemed so far away for me.
I was bulletproof, just for a minute,
until it hit me again.
And as my hope started to fade, so did my defence.
Against the weight of a world
I’d never seen before.
It’s this modern state of mine
but I carry on.
It always comes back to this;
who are we supposed to be?
It's a familiar situation
but it’s just not worth the misery.

How long will it take?
To finally let go
for something to break.
Must be a thousand years or so.
And in the back of my head,
feels like a lifetime of just getting older
and holding my breath
to tell you we made it. Yeah, we made it.

Do you still hang pictures on your bedroom walls?
I can’t slow it down anymore
so let’s take the long way home.
Through the cold, cold nights,
I hope we left a light on.
And if we figure it out,
I’ll let you know.