Текст песни Theo Jp - Ctrl

Оригинальный текст песни Ctrl

look in my eyes, stare at my face
you wanna make me beg on my knees?
But I’d rather set the hive on flames

you broke the link, abused your grace
bet you cant even tell the difference
of whats wrong or whats right anymore
(so selfed absorbed, a joke really)
(proud chief)
no more
the line’s set clean and clear
little world, why’d you have to insist?
To bless with ignorance

whats this feeling rushing through my spine?
i should've trust my guts, right when i saw your eyes
under the aim, it’s all doomed to blameno point on choking on what I know I got to say

protect your own from the big bad world

brain washing cells feeding your ego
Eventually it's all laid to waste
Only a matter of timebefore the wave breaks
You won't get further than thisthey tried to tell me

But You don’t know where I came fromhaven't walked a single day in my shoes
You don’t know

It's so much easier than you think to see right through you