Текст песни Thoughtscape - Beingness

Оригинальный текст песни Beingness

You are mine
A grace that lies behind these layers
Of my mind
I feel it grow with every single breath that I take,
Transcendent light
Burns so bright
Born from the womb of love and boundless understanding.

From my own dreams I see
There is a different way to be
Like a dancing silhouette
On the wall
Free from this baggage,
I become the all

Witness the true design of these earthly ties,
Break free from the shackles of
Your body and mind
A forgotten bliss right behind your eyes
It’s waiting to find you
The ground of all experience

And in this silence
All truth it comes to light
And through this darkness you show
You’ve shown me that there’s more to life

I feel it in my bones
And across my skin
Down to the core of everything that I am
Oh could this be
Another chance
For enlightenment