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The laws of the night drive to despair
Brave noble knight is the only who cares
Fighting for justice wherever he rides
But weak mortal flesh is fated to die

Satan, what’s my fault,
Hear my yell!
Murderers go to hell
Justice needs some blood
Unfaithful God
You will serve me forever

How dare you defy
Lord of dark endless might

No way!

Drag your heels, listen what
You will get in reward

Charmed life
Inhuman might
And hell-born fire breathing faithful bike

For justice you have fought through your holy life
Taking souls from those who deserve to die
But God will never value your sacrifice

So join our ranks and you won’t regret
I’ll take the offer
I will make the sinners dead
God has left me Devil will protect my acts

When night covers day
Sinners starting to pray
Make all of them dead
Bring me their heads

Ghost rider
Ghost rider
None will hide
None will rise up

Ghost rider
Ghost rider
Satan’s fighter
Lord of night

Альбом The Song Of Desolation

Thy Despair - The Song Of Desolation

Дата релиза: 08.05.2020

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