Текст песни True North - Piece Of You

Оригинальный текст песни Piece Of You

Go on and let yourself in and out of the moment
I broke the lock off the door when I tried to decode it
Oh, at least when youʼre numb, thereʼs a certain kind of certainty in the cold
So I make myself numb
Never knowing where the current leads, I unfold
I take a piece of you everywhere
And now Iʼm sinking
Iʼm overthinking
Iʼll never learn to listen to the pain
And now I feel like a stranger in my skin
I watch my focus shift in and out of the moment
The indecision to speak is how our voices were stolen
Thereʼs comfort in believing the mask I see in my reflection
Only when I stepped away, loneliness was echoing
Itʼs my fatal imperfection.