Текст песни Unbeliever. - Ad Astra

Оригинальный текст песни Ad Astra

Look around

All those restless souls

Dying to reach for the sun

Lost on your way to paradise

Upon the mountain of your desire

You stare straight into your God's eyes

Defying his kingdom

As you raise your empire

A taste of sublime

Before your demise

The hourglass is running out of sand

You'll never feel whole

Trying to fill the void

As you climb the steps towards your own end

You seek for some superficial heaven

To escape through modern transcendance

The meaningless nature of existence

Burn your wings

From the same light that once has turned you blind

You're too far gone

The hourglass melts

As you get close to the sun

Your delusion


Soon to wake up and understand there is

No second chance

No remission

And that you've brought about

Your own downfall

At the peak of your ambitions

Just an unquenchable thirst, unable

To find comfort in the immaterial

Always craving for something more

You're consumed by the flames of your paradise