Текст песни Undusted - The Seventh Race

Оригинальный текст песни The Seventh Race

Penetrate advent of gender
Five, six ...value elected
A race to breed and spawn
A race of chosen ones

Invented thing ever brought life
Traces produced in formation
Genesis engender, nucleate the
Foremost cell - revitalize

Initiated human evolution stage
Is made of not the same derived essence

Cycle through the age of whole humanity being
Crucial point of the descending stage
Dominant species were divided by genus
Earth will take rest once the races been ceased

Generated encoding transition phase
Highlighting alternate multicellular base

With eyes wide open species die
Spiritual souls in those dimension guide
Human bodies to escape - relied extension way
Boneless creatures execrate, regards and incarnate

Intellect...returned to the flesh of whole body and liquid
Supernatural executed force beyond laws of nature
Releasing the descent phase....of the presence and past
Holding down the endurance...till.the.end.of.the.days

Whoever will be brought to youth
New gender will evolve for you