Текст песни Une Misere - Voiceless

Оригинальный текст песни Voiceless

Bury your pride
Force fed the poison
Biting your tongue
Don't make a sound

To fight the pain within
I won't give in
I won't give in

Push on
Push every word you say
They won't hear you

Blame me
Feel my vengeance
Hear me
Feel me, fear me
See me
Rise again

From this moment
You are mine

You won't get past this
You'll find struggle
Keeping you under
That struggle is me

You abuse your influence
Let your mind run dry
Words so stale and mindless
Your conscious drowned by the caged and lifeless

For a minute
Things seem fine
But they take me back
In an instant
Things go south

Your voice will be heard
Heard through me
Your cries will be heard

Альбом Sermon

Une Misère - Sermon

Дата релиза: 01.11.2019

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