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I have
I have seen the sun
I’ve found the error of my ways
Cleared the thickened haze
No more complaints only retribution
Seeing the same things day to day
We walk this path of rediscovery
Basking in our filth we welcome complacency
Tired and broken we feel this empathy
That we can’t
That we can’t explain
I’ll walk the line
I’ll walk the line
The one that separates us from the divine
I’m tired of all these feelings
Deepest regrets from the bottom of my sincerity
Moon child tell me what it is you fear
I’ve been afraid that I’ll just disappear
Deeply seeded there’s a pain I just can’t shake
I’ve been afraid that it will take my place
Moon child tell me what it is you love
I gave my love away
The world took it and made hate
I’ve been running away my entire life from the sacrifice
I think it’s time I lived my life my way
I feel everything
I see every movement
Wasting time on a broken dream
Face what you are
Face what you’ve become
Or remain enslaved
It makes no difference to me
Search and you will find me
Standing on the edge I’ll be waiting
No love
No unity
Only fear to take its place
Embrace your inner demons

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Valleys - Fearless

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