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Оригинальный текст песни Shade

I'll destroy myself by myself,
Until the light hits my window pane,
It seems to be another night that I didn't fucking sleep again,
I'm haunted by a funeral,
A nightmare on repeat,
And in my dreams I taste the blood while I am spitting out my teeth.

I hope that you will see,
The past will never change,
It will remain the same,
Please learn to live and let live on another day,
Another day wasting away,
I'm devoured,
I'm decayed,
And each breath's a fucking shame.

Each breath's the fucking same.

The road draws to a close,
The path lost months ago,
A better life; I'll never know.

Time ensnared in my disgrace,
A fitting end now all to waste,
Bleed me out,
My mind will weep,
A withered man I’ll ever be.

A better man you'll never see.

I’ll bleed, a dark eternity,
Waiting for honesty,
Flayed through my skin,
So selfishly,
Another sleepless night bled from me, you parasite,
Please just let me go,
I can't bear the silence in my head
Like the lead through my fucking skull.

Please, oh please, oh please,
Hear my misery and fucking end me.

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Vatic - Inhibition

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