Текст песни Viscera - Immersed In Ire

Оригинальный текст песни Immersed In Ire

There is something to be said about resilience
The more it hurts the greater the resistance
But I cant shake the fear in my subconscious
Everything you are is toxic
(I close my eyes)
I dread the torment of the war yet to come
(I’m paralysed)
Visions of demons tearing down the walls around my heart
There’s no place better for the pain that I hide
Than in the darkest reaches of my fragile mind

And when the nightmares return
You will have nowhere to run

Black void you’re singing to me, it’s so easy...
Hypnotise me as you render my mind weak

Suffering in an anchored state
Pulling me into depression
(I close my eyes)
A flame chain on my lungs
It burns me from the inside
(I’m Paralysed)
My eyes fade into the blistering fire
A haze I forever desire
Mind abort me from this callous husk

I’m Sick of lying awake at night seething
Made my home in a world of collisions
All the things that I feared came to being
A victim of my own visions
The taste was sweet and the route was certain
Now it’s treacherous and twisted
There’s is no real course of action now to take but forget you were there
Forget you existed

You fucking fail me
Bearing down on me
End this misery

And when the nightmares return
You will have nowhere to run

(And now it’s finally done)
You’re aren’t a friend of mine
No friend to anyone
This has taken too much
More than I can allow
It’s hard to feel elation with all that weight on your brow
(And now you’re finally done)
A danger to yourself
A ticking time bomb
It’s no surprise your life is fucking heading south
it’s hard to smell the roses with all that shit in your mouth