Текст песни Voice Of Ruin - Rotting Crows

Оригинальный текст песни Rotting Crows

The fire's falling from the sky
Crows fight the light
Locusts, dust and blackness
Days of darkness

When megalomania brings self-destruction
Purulent suppuration turns into a destructive infection
Rotten flesh in motion
Cadaveric decomposition
A whole civilisation condemned to this tragic transformation

This sickness infects the brain
Dead bodies everywhere
The sky is burning
Our world is suffering

This is the end of a reign
No more blood to drain
They relish our brain, nothing remains, nothing but worms and decay
With no emotion, they infect God's creation
No revolution, pray and run, it's a living dead invasion

Suffer in vain
Rotting crows fight the light

Альбом Acheron

Voice Of Ruin - Acheron

Дата релиза: 27.09.2019

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