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I had a dream
Where we were side by side
Would you believe
In a world where we weren’t blind

I saw us free
From pain and hate inside
But I woke to see
It was all just in my mind

I finally looked inside myself
And found my debt to pay
And if you took the chance
I think you’d probably feel the same

If we really wanna change
We gotta learn from our mistakes
Can we start over, start over
With a past we can’t erase
And a stain to every name
Will we find closure or circle the drain

We fill our heads with lies and chemicals
And wonder when the side effects withdraw

They come to devour
What solace breeds
The wolves are waiting
The hunt begins with me

Альбом Manic

Wage War - Manic

Дата релиза: 01.10.2021

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