Текст песни Wallflower - Further Down

Оригинальный текст песни Further Down

I threw my body in a body of water
And tied my limbs up tight in the hope
That you would somehow teach yourself to swim

You took it all out on a reflection of a person
Staring back at you like
There was something they should do

We threw our hobbies and our best intentions
From a great great height
And we asked ourselves why it fell

Bought a headstone and it opens like a book
Full of the chances and advice I never took.
Into the unknown;
It's the last place that you look for anything you need

Find your peace of mind, or take a piece of mine;
Watch it fade away.
Sinking to the ground, taking us further down

Альбом Teach Yourself To Swim

Wallflower - Teach Yourself To Swim

Дата релиза: 05.06.2020

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