Текст песни Warfect - Left To Rot

Оригинальный текст песни Left To Rot

A desolated stretch of land
In the northern wilderness
An unattainable vast terrain
In the yielding cold they slave
Into the hold of a ship
En route their misery
Upon the convicts' arrival
Frostbitten, covered in lice

Prisoners, impelled to forge
A pathway of steel arise
Remove the undesired
Sacrifice, holy odyssey

Left to bleed, left to rot
Necropolis of the fallen
Left to bleed, left to rot
Cast, into a field of graves
Left to rot

Envisioned by a tyrant
Under a cloak of secrecy
Utterly impossible scheme
Never to be finalized

Perpetual daylight tortures
Starvation rations
Grim fate, inhumane conditions
Twisted limbs in chaos

Beasts in the sky
A torturous syndicate
Craving for blood
Drained to the bone
No escape

Plagued by vicious
Animals to feast
Blood loss arise
Perish, in no time

Left to rot

Альбом Spectre Of Devastation

Warfect - Spectre Of Devastation

Дата релиза: 13.11.2020

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