Текст песни Waxflower - Getting Better

Оригинальный текст песни Getting Better

And this is the part where you leave
Dipping my feet in wet concrete
Thrown in the lake, alone, I’ll sink in to the deep
And there I can sleep
At rest with your memories of me
Fading away just like my scent upon your sheets

You’re going home
And getting better and
I’m alone I’ve got to let her leave

Leaving the hospital at 3:00
You started to cry, I ran my fingers down your cheek
I’m tracing the sadness
And it’s all leading back to me
I’m starting to think with me you’d never really be happy

You’re going home
And getting better
And I’m alone
Yeah I’m alone

Wake me up, I need to leave
All this self-made sadness around me
I broke her heart and watched her weep
I can see everything, I can see everything
All the pain I caused at 23
All the tears you shed cause I can’t breathe

And I think I felt your love leave me
I think I felt it leave.