Текст песни Waxflower - Sixteen Floors

Оригинальный текст песни Sixteen Floors

Evening, in my room
The faintest scent of you
Laps against my conscience
I miss it everyday
It's a breakdown on the carpet floor, that day
It's the iron hot and branded in my brain
Pulling out the worst words I could say
"I don't want this anymore"

Float right through me
I've been waiting
All this time spent contemplating
How I fucked up
It's 16 floors
Between me darling, and your door

And I called it off
And I broke in two
I wish that I could be a better man
But I'm not one to
God I want to improve

I'm making excuses everyday
But these are the real words that I want to say
So can you just
Meet me tonight
Maybe we can pretend it's alright
That I never left
I've been thinking about it and
I want to be a friend

But what kind of friend am I
The broken and fleeting kind?
The one who you wish would die?
Yeah that's alright
Sometimes I wish it too

And I hope I get through.