Текст песни Western Addiction - Frail Bray

Оригинальный текст песни Frail Bray

Septic adolescent, lifetime companion
I need optimism, I need momentum
Clarity like a twenties painter
Suffer beauty but taste the glory
Anight, always anight
Afraid, at least I tried
And it will never go away
A slow dull ache
Forever and a day
I hear the frail bray
Unrelenting woe and god shaken
Serious delirium and strange attractions
Hot brains and charlatans
Helle époque, indulgent glace’
Dread, always the dread
To wish, to dream, to deflect
And it will never be okay
A slow dull ache
Forever and a day
I hear the frail bray

Альбом Frail Bray

Western Addiction - Frail Bray

Дата релиза: 15.05.2020

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