Текст песни Wilderun - O Resolution!

Оригинальный текст песни O Resolution!

Endless blood for half-heart measures
Raze the mountain for your treasure
No devotion to the struggle
No precision in the final hour

There was more to find but the light betrayed
All the tales to unwind, forgotten in the hazy darkness of our days
But there’s a spark made of sleep, remembering when time held its mystery
There’s no end to subscribe to anything, closure’s slaves keep building when they die

Cold the color of victory
Life only grows through memory
We fight the wind as if it were mortal
We cut the air in search of a soldier
Dreams tilt sideways
Don’t prize tomorrow’s pledge

There was more to find but the light betrayed
All the tales to unwind, forgotten in the blissful darkness that we praise

There is never a task at hand
Weight of spirit is the weight of sand
Try as you will to summon the deed
The end grows further with every earthly need
O resolution, you are the curse
O resolution, leave this earth

Альбом Veil Of Imagination

Wilderun - Veil Of Imagination

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