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From the grave
The fires rekindle ancient swords
The forge at last re-ignites
To shine once more

May the day of my ascent
Be the one that leads to the final stand
Taking my last breath
I will serve your command

May the axe held in my hand
Be the cause of wounds against the ones who stand
Here in front of me
I serve and defend 'Til my time on earth will end

Once we were warriors
Falling among the invader's lines
Once we were lords of the mountain
Until fate closed our eyes
We are heading for a new home
For a long sleeping desire
Hear the voices of the fallen
Sing their song into the darkest night

From the roots that break the ground
From the ashes lying on the blooded mound
Made of ruins and tales
Where the fallen are bound

Listen to the silent field
Where torment was, the calm will take their breath
We will gather here
At the end of our road
Where the fallen fight no wars

Dwarves, from the ground
Raise your axes and hammers high
You'll be renewed from the raw stone
Of which our home is made

Warriors of caves and hills
An army made of steel
Will answer to the will
Of a new dwarf king, the Ironborn
Forged in the heart of stone

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Wind Rose - Wintersaga

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