Текст песни Wither, Decay - Passerby

Оригинальный текст песни Passerby

You said the pain would never leave me
And it was was all in my head
Force feed me lies so it’s not easy
This love once had is now laid to bed

If I could take it back I would

Don’t let me go
Foundation laid is now old and broke
Please don’t let me know
Solitary mind without any control
The undeniable love has shown
Erase the past and have another go
Please don’t let me know
Please don’t let me go
Only drowning in the undertow

My teeth are grinding, I have no self control
Slowly dying like a marigold
Searching for substance in life that’s cold
I hope you change the way your story is told

Perished soul
A lonely road
I can’t decide where the fuck to go
I’m finding strides to take back my life
I’m losing sight of what I feel inside
Losing sleep
I’ve tried to eat
I hope you dissipate in your sheets
Passerby, I want to die
Losing my mind while you just stood by

If I can’t look you in the face
And ask you how good does it taste
The lies that put you in your place
Don’t ask me what it’s gonna take

I said the pain would never leave me
And that it’s just in my head
Accepting lies it’s not veracity
The love once laid has now just began