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Оригинальный текст песни Accursed

Born into odium I have observed and endured.
Retrieve me from this land that drains of life and breath.
And the nights brought forth deathless haunting.
Beings from my former role within the aether.

The breath fades in the stillness of the tattered room. Purveyor of truth may you stumble upon scrawled laments that paint colors in obstructive shade.

My ears can only hear the discordance of the ever growing billow submerging the exhibition displaying attainment stretched across a withered lifetime

Forlorn. Trudging through incessant dismay.
Viscously tossing and turning to silence the teasing adversaries.


Stripped of blessings
Raped of peace
Conclude to renew
Bereft of light
Casualty to the apple's smite

This is my void This is my hell
This is the home I know so well
I can't compress my urge for death
I can't comply I hate this life

Screaming Begging Pleading And Feeding
And then the goddess wept
See my face have I scared you yet?
In flames the screams still reign
Death be thy name You'll share my pain

Bitter cold upon a broken mirror
Fixate on the barren

The everlasting yearning for death breathes restlessly upon my neck
If I am to remain a stagnant subject the aether will reclaim this tyrannized soul by sunrise.
I leave behind a legacy of ruin
Endless terror behind closed eyes
Imprisoned between realms
Restless, eternally unloved.

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Worm Shepherd - In The Wake Ov Sòl

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