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Оригинальный текст песни Grieving The Loss Of Self

I ask thee, please release me from this inner circle of hell
As it kills me, devours me, I scream out for any form of help
If the walls if could speak to me, they'd reduce me dumb
A nightmare infused fabrication of rues with evil soon to come

Desperate and almost deranged.
My sense turn on me and I feel it again in my soul, it aches
Convoluted masked with a veil of reprieve
Are you out there? I can hear you
What is happening to me?

In a waking comatose state
The past begins to bloom and envelops my mind
All the fears have drowned what little hope I had
In finding you safe and sound

Don't look at me, disgusted by my own reflection
These hands unclean, designed by evil used to create deception
How could have I known? That I was the one who brought you here
Am I the ghost? The one who's to blame
For falling apart when you needed me most

In my hollow shell, a dormant yet hostile tormenting cell
These moments feel all the same, every day is pain, just take it away

Whispers fall from behind, casting their horrors, infecting my mind
Driven to breaking point, how could i have been so blind
Mirrors spill nothing but truth, how could this be, I've done this to you
Everything that has been, caused by my hand it seems
How could i have done this to you?

Save me
through my bones im feeling, an insufferable balance of pain
Infesting my thoughts with whispers so wrought
I'm grieving the loss of self

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Xenobiotic - Mordrake

Дата релиза: 21.02.2020

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