Текст песни XO Armor - Rex

Оригинальный текст песни Rex

20 feet in height,
It all falls silent when I stomp.
10.000 pound bite,
You are about to get chomped.
13 times your vision,
You cannot abscond.
Get ready to collide,
I got a fighting weight of 14 tons.

There are no survivors when I hunt.
Sirens sound,
I tore the fence down,
And now I’m on the battlefront.
My footprints are death embossed.
Better get lost.
I’m the endboss.
I’m the one whose way you shouldn’t have crossed,
Cuz I’ll take you down no matter the cost.

The embodiment of impending doom.
Experiment on me and you are headed to your tomb.
12 inch fangs light the night like the moon,
But down in my stomach you’ll find nothing but gloom,

Death is what I bring
(Ground shakes at every step and I won’t stop until I’m the apex)
Tyrant Lizard King
(Call me, call me, Rex, Rex, Rex)


You couldn’t keep me in a paddock.
Try it again,
and I will bite your fucking head off.
Numb to the pain,
End of your reign,
The reaper now wears feathers.
I’m done wallowing in your shit,
Done masking my scent to fit.
I won’t quit and I won’t abate,
I’m gonna blow you all away.
Just you wait.

Pay attention,
Main attraction.
Face the facts:
There’s no second Rex.
I got dominion,
Over the kingdom.
Won’t be another victim,
Imprisoned by your system.
So just know,
I won’t bow down to anything,
I am the Tyrant Lizard King.