Текст песни Xordia - Neon Lights

Оригинальный текст песни Neon Lights

Where neon tubes are hanging in a row
Scare off the dark with their grinning glow
Cold lights, born to bare the hope of another

Are lit to wake me, to make me
Remember these lines

Whenever i am in the darkness of time
Carry on, move on, don’t mind the cold
Wake me up, whenever i feel numb
Just go find
The glow of the neon light

Where all are welcome, but nobody’s home
Take a load of - the drums of the machines

Let them hum
First, spend a wash and then the night

Where all are welcome all is bright

Take a break from what’s behind

In the glow of the neon light

Where the poets in my pocket
Open the pages to their world for me

The smell of linen, summer rain,
And some artificial ocean breeze
Is humming me a lullaby

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Xordia - Neolux

Дата релиза: 05.06.2020

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