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I believed that I would only live
if you turned me on, if you set me on
that I would have to give it all
for your case, for your cause for your call
my wireless thoughts got caught up in the process
even though I improved,
improvised, optimized
gave it all for your success

you just heard my last goodbye
fuck you, fuck it
this is my two weeks' notice
I hereby resign

no matter what - it doesn't matter what
what you do, what you say, if you care
I'll never gonna share

finally, I think it's my right to fight for more meaning
I'm convinced it's not sick to think
should be the one who's receiving
so, thrill me, grind me up, be my cure
make sure I get it
regain control
to the exit

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Xordia - Neolux

Дата релиза: 05.06.2020

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