Текст песни Yoth Iria - The Great Hunter

Оригинальный текст песни The Great Hunter

The Great Hunter in the sky
Roaming the fields of Ares
The Giant from the Netherland
Spreading the cult of Fire

The enigma of the Zodiac
And the celestial spheres
Weaved in the symbols of the lore
The mantle of the Archer

Semiramis enchantress
Scarlet mistress of Nimrod
The Apochryphal Trinity
Completed with Tammuz

An inverse universe appears
A world of ash and brimstone
Where darkness copulate with light
And matter seeks the spirit

The crimson Dove dissolves
Into the ethereal pool
Setting the stars in motion
Revising the Creation

Release the Hellequin
The black masked emissary
To gather all the wretched souls
Under the wings of the Black Prince

Unveil the Secrets of Heaven
With the furious impetus of Hell
By the forbidden sorcery
Of the Babylonian King

Альбом As The Flame Withers

Yoth Iria - As The Flame Withers

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