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Searching for some substance
I guess I’ve looked for a while
I see my suffering has grown to spread its wings and my absence is just an instance of the voidance lived with
I see vipers slither out of abhorrence in my visions
I keep pressing, I get pushed away
I’m only lessening myself with every single delay
I keep on stressing while my future decays
I pick the constant misery on replay

To think I could have fucking listened. Lucky to be fucking present. All my nights, a distant vision. I won’t (carry on)
Casting cold incisions on my loving ones’ opinions. Captivating me, this hindrance doesn’t (care at all)
(Let me go)
Just let me be alone. As they roam let the crows pick my bones ‘cause I know that’s all that I’m fucking worth. It never leaves
(Let me go)
Descending on my own. I don’t know when my woes took control but I won’t give into the fucking words that never leave
But I just want to escape

These voices (these voices) tend to tear at all that’s left of my endurance and I’m hopeless
(So hopeless)
I can see myself ignoring this as loneliness, it curses. (I’m cursed with) all that’s left of my impurities, flourishing. I’m worthless
(So worthless)
I suspect a coming quarantine on my head
I fall back in my old ways. You can tell that I am grasping at anything. I walk off to the side, stepping on the glass that I have broken to hide from this
(Let me go)
‘Cause I won’t ever relate
(Let me go)

Альбом Irrational Pull

156/Silence - Irrational Pull

Дата релиза: 05.06.2020

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