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Some things one just can’t accept. Out of my mind. I just can't get this off my chest.
I’ve been walking a fine line between this life and death cause it isn’t enough for me I want to rest with the fucking obsession seething.
I’m infected but the rest don’t see me in a better perception.
I wonder if I’ll ever be worth the remembrance.
Our remnants of memories fade away.
I look around and wonder if I’ll ever manage to say that we have always portrayed a sense of elation just to be a withering case of loss and frustrations.
Riddled with a splintering hate for all that we’ve made.
I just want to take out my gun and pick out my grave.
I feel like I’m the conflict and the resolution is a coffin.

So I just might choose this as I poison blood and blackout my lungs.
I’m used to always feeling disgust.
It’s love and it’s lust.
For everything that seeps into cuts and fractures me numb.
It never ends up being enough.
It’s never enough to ease the fucking stress over the things that’ll lead me to my end.
There’s a handful of songs about death stuck in my head and I’ll sing them on repeat for wrongs I’ve caused.
This dread is a head full of hatred for everybody.

I’ll cut out the insides to fill the void with sin so the knife doesn’t deal me to loneliness and senseless involvement in your devolving personal agenda.
The culprit is the compulsion.
Lesser known to those of good fortunes. Life is abortion.
Can’t you tell the temptation forces us to ignore this imminent destruction that we’ve misconstrued as an abundance of the tried and true.
Tell me, is this all that’s worth it? Everything warping, trenching through the marshes and corpses.
Sinking the war ships. Tearing out the roots from the sources. Crushing the courses.
Humbly, the parasites dormant rose to the surface only to combust with all these grievances and all my shortfalls.

I’ll cut out the insides to fill the void with sin so the knife doesn’t deal me to loneliness and I wonder who will find me swimming with fish in a river of faces that scowl upon me.
I’ll stumble through night lights in hopes of finding this unattainable love for the life before me.
I’ll stay on the dark side so I don’t have to face anyone who can’t see through me anymore and
I’m done running from myself and everyone of my problems.
I’ve gone over this enough and I still haven’t thought of one good reason or excuse for you to use your last wish on
my betterment.
My conscience is but a vat of empty promises that weigh upon me.
Surrendering everything.

Tell me, is this all that’s worth it now?

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