Текст песни Alain Johannes - Hallowed Bones

Оригинальный текст песни Hallowed Bones

In my pocket hallowed bones
Hale and whole to the edge of the world
On I go

When the tide of the moon bespoke
Did I hear deeper still
Understood once I woke

For the promise of naive dreams
Maybe not all is lost
As it seems
As it seems

In the hardness of a new day
Searching in my magic hat
So the child
Won’t fade away

On and on it ebbs
On and on it flows
Years are borne from days
As the silence grows
On and on with joy
On and on with pain
Meet me here again my love
My love

In my step your lightness weighs
As your word carrying me
Echoes on don’t you stray

Oh to know all that you now know
Just a peek through your eyes
Saving me
Saving me

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