Текст песни Bound In Fear - Left To Drown

Оригинальный текст песни Left To Drown

This stagnant stench of self-destruction
When will it come to an end?
All consuming
It will never release its grip from my neck
Deep in the cracks of my bones
Is a weeping man
Just trying to understand his pain

You can run but you can’t hide no more
Cos mother fucker I’m coming for you
Yeah, coming for you

Read between the lines
Look me in the eyes now, I can’t seem to kick the bite

I’ve got hatred in my bloodstream
It’s been hardening inside of me
Eternally kept from being free from within me
I am fucking lost

Free me from the inside
The walls are breaking down
I’m caving in

My guidance is clear, but I’m still in this nightmare
Obscure- I’m left to drown

Left to drown in my own fear
Left to drown

More than I will know
I’ve seen how this all unfolds
This chasm will consume me
To the bone

To the bone

This life wasn't meant for me
All these faces stained in my conscience
Bullied by the weak I stand strong
Don't hide away like a coward, I’ll find you in the end

You’re just a fucking fake
Step to me- I will put you in your fucking place bitch

Put you in your fucking place

Listen as I tear you limb from limb

You will fade forever

Dead to me
I hate you for what you did

And now you’ll burn forever
The pyre of shame begotten
Tie the head
Cut the noose
Beg for life
I must persevere

Альбом Eternal

Bound In Fear - Eternal

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