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Оригинальный текст песни Carve

I’m going to hurt you
Hurt you like you hurt me
Don’t move, don’t speak
You’ve worked so hard and now it’s all yours
Now it’s your time to feed
Feed, feed, feed from me
Feed from me
Dig your nails in
Crack my skin made of glass
It’s so kind of you to ask
Before you kill me
Kill me
Before you paint me red for all to see
Before you display my dependency
Just take what you want and leave
Did I not give enough
Was this just another thing I wasn’t capable of
In the wake of every goodbye, every sacrifice
This is all that I ever wanted
And to be honest, it still is
But I don’t have anything left to give
Anything left to give
To give up, to cut off
I am bare, skinless, and raw
Exposed and at such a cost
I am so afraid that I will give everything
That I’ll always be waiting
For something that isn’t coming back
Time has started to escape and everyone is leaving
What have I become
What have I
Carve me into your perfect form

Альбом Your Receding Warmth

Boundaries - Your Receding Warmth

Дата релиза: 13.11.2020

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