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You were my mortality
In your absence what is left to fear
The remedy to my muted mind
To be blind is to see after all this time
Stuck in a stasis
Moments and words compound into days
Days turn to years and here I stayed
I like it here everything has its place
Everything has its place but us
What is there left to feel once you’ve sank into the depths of love
Blessed by the touch of the girl with the gift of Midas
Witness to her grace as she creates and kills all she passes
Fingers fractured by touch
Skin embraced becomes corrupt
Don’t you have anything to say for yourself
Don’t you have anything left to say
Like how I shouldn’t blame myself
Regardless of how many years too late it is for that to help
A single second of clarity
How should I survive my darkest days
Without you to show me the way
Show me the way
Show me
Show me the way
Show me the way
Without direction and in dismay go
I cannot be the one that you need
And this phase of failure is sure to claim
All of the good things that we ever made
And once your voice is gone, you’ll just be a face, you’ll just be a name
I know you only ever wanted what was best for me
And if intentions were actions we wouldn’t speak
And if shame could be measured this would take all day
All for a few words I’d rather not say

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Boundaries - Your Receding Warmth

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