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You make me sick
like a virus
A fucking parasite
You’re not a new infection
I’ve carried you for all my life
You wanna play the victim
You wanna play these games
It’s a bitter pill to swallow
Choking on your medicine

I - won’t take it
I - won’t hesitate
to put an end to your
pathetic little masquerade

You - are nothing
You - will waste away
You're so deluded time to
Come back to reality

I’m burning up
Like a fever
But there’s no remedy
I feel a deep aggression
Building up inside of me
Don’t want you in my shadow
Don’t need you in my life
Deep down you know you’re nothing
Nothing but an alibi

I - I hate you
I - I hope you choke
On every word you said
To try and make me feel provoked

You - are worthless
You - are pitiful
There’s nothing left to say
So now I'll fucking bury you

No one’s listening
You need to know
You’ll never be that again
You’ll never feel this again oh

Альбом Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine - Bullet For My Valentine

Дата релиза: 22.10.2021

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