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Оригинальный текст песни The Gallows III

I was a wounded animal
Leg caught in the trap
You saw an opportunity to create what you wanted right from scratch I did everything you asked of me and fed on the scraps
A sudden realization
I lost myself in you
Wore the colors of your degradation
Endured constant starvation for your promise of a new salvation
You broke me to the core
But through the pain a monster was born
A man so full of hatred a creation of your torture and all your scorn You spit in my f**king face
And made sure I was put in my place
As soon as I beckoned for your aid
All your false promises were made
Your palace shall burn beneath you
Your servants will be turned to dust
My suffering is all I bequeath you
I’ll do what I f**king must
I know my cause is just
Clawing and crawling I’ll do what I must I was a wounded animal
Burn it down
Burn it down, burn it down, burn it to the f**king ground
The memory haunts me
To this very day
It’s been years since I saw that disgusting smile On that ugly little face
You know your fate
I don’t need to remind you
That karma’s a b*tch
And soon she will find you
You’re next motherf**ker

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Dead/Awake - Melancholia

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