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Оригинальный текст песни Waking Divinity

Welcome to the halls of this, my unhallowed bastion
Sequestered deep beneath the stirring city streets
Sovereign sacrifices seized by my sickening silhouettes
Each bare a burden of sin, steeped in hubris

Impetuous alchemists
You who dared to gaze upon the truth
Hopelessly trapped in this web of mine
For our fates are intertwined

For centuries, I have waited, now soon it shall come to pass
Fifty million Amestrian lives will put untold power in my grasp
Closer now my offerings, for the moon has eclipsed the sun
Through you my desires will finally come to fruition

[Solo: Sanjay Kumar]

The knowledge that Earth's collected since birth from iota to complex organism is now mine
Celestial waves wash over new graves as I ascend to the heavens

[Solo: Phil Tougas]
[Solo: Nick Padovani]

Tendrils reaching through the void bridging the realm betwixt gates of the eyes of the infinite cosmos
I am he who swallowed God
Omnipotence courses through me, no longer a philosopher's stone
Waking divinity
No longer bound by flask nor suit of flesh
This planet, my throne
This cosmos, my quest

Impetuous alchemists
You dare to defy your deity
Your efforts are futile, your alchemy frugal
But this I'll grant of thee

Brother of mine, Von Hohenheim
I'll grant you the chance to speak your mind for this eve you die

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Equipoise - Demiurgus

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